Frequently asked questions

Organising a funeral can seem a daunting task, and it is quite usual to have a number of questions. Throughout our planning together, I will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, or discuss anything you want to talk through. 

A few common questions are addressed below.

  • What is the difference between funerals led by an independent/civil celebrant and those led by a humanist celebrant?

Both are person-centred and focus on the life of the deceased. Humanist funerals do not contain any religious content or references; humanists do not believe in any kind of after-life.

A funeral led by an independent/civil funeral celebrant can incorporate all philosophies or beliefs. I am happy to include as much or as little religious or spiritual content as seems fitting for you, in order to honour your beliefs and those of the deceased.

  • Which funeral directors do you work with?

As an independent celebrant, I work with the funeral director of your choice. If a funeral director is not involved in the ceremony, then I work directly with you.

  • Can we include a slide show/videos or have a webcast of the ceremony?

Absolutely - as long as the venue supports this media.

  • What are your fees? What does this include?

Fees vary depending on the type and length of ceremony required. Typically, a funeral ceremony of around 30 - 40 minutes is in the region of £220 - £240. 

Starting with our initial meeting, I provide full guidance on, and support with, choosing appropriate readings, music etc and on structuring a suitable funeral. I then create a bespoke ceremony (including the writing of a tribute/eulogy) and deliver as much or as little of it as you wish. After the ceremony, I will provide you with a presentation script.

Travel expenses are included for ceremonies and meetings taking place within 20 miles of central Reading. Any extra items provided by me for the ceremony, candles for example, are charged at cost.

  • Can you assist in a memorial service, or in funeral pre-planning? Do you conduct ceremonies for the interring or scattering of ashes?


Some people prefer to have a small funeral (or a direct cremation) that is followed some time later by a larger Memorial or Celebration of Life ceremony. I can offer support here in the same way as for a funeral service. 

I can also assist in ceremonies for the interring or scattering of ashes. This is a separate occasion from the funeral, with a short ceremony at the chosen location. This can follow a direct cremation and be combined with a Celebration of Life or other ceremony.

Increasingly now, funeral pre-planning is a choice that some individuals make. If you wish to make known your wishes for your funeral ceremony, I can guide and support you in this.